Satisfyingly Sore

It’s just after 6pm as I write this, and I’m planted on the couch. I can barely move at the moment, and I know that tomorrow will be a stiff one – and as much as I won’t want to move, it will be the best thing I can do for myself.

A smile rests upon my face, my joints are stiff and muscles are tired and worn, but for as much as I ache at this moment, my soul is content and my heart is full.

It has been a busy and successful weekend – beds around our patio have been tidied and planted – tasks that needed to take place but have been on hold for the last few years while we removed a deck and had a patio installed.

FFC 16-0515 Before

The long process of reclaiming the garden from the weeds that overtook it during this past mild winter has begun (as pictured above). Two of the six beds in my playground have been weeded, prepped and set for the summer – just in time for a few days of rain.

Each time I enter the garden or begin working on a project, I remind myself that I’m no longer 32 and in order to not overwork myself, I make the solemn promise that I’ll quit after only an hour of hard work. But, as always happens, I become lost in the task and it’s either the weather or the lack of light that reels me into the house – and I’ll need a couple of days to recover from all of exertion.

As I now move slowly to clean up after a hard days work. I’ve dirt in my hair, under my nails, in my ears and nose,  and just about everywhere else it can get. My skin is dried from working in the loamy clay soil and my face and neck are red from the sun.

FFC 16-0515 Dand

After months of care and attention my plants are in the ground and rain is beginning to fall. For the first time in recent memory my heart, mind, and body have come together and are equally exhausted. This is satisfaction, this is why I garden.

I hope that your weekend was a good one as well, and that you are prepped and ready for the week ahead.

Until next time, may your knees be green and your spirit light.



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