It’s been six weeks since I first slipped my ragged Achilles into the brace ordered by my doctor.  While I hobble about with an awkward gait, I am now, thankfully able to move without the searing pain that *brought* tears to my eyes with each step. My heel feels better now than it has in the last several months.

Things were so painful that my stomach would tighten at even the thought of having to walk between classes or up or down stairs. Now, with the brace, I move about clumsily, but ably.

The news at today’s appointment was that I am healing nicely, and that if things continue to go as well as they are now, I should be ‘good to go’ by the start of summer.

The brace itself isn’t attractive or even overly complicated. It’s in its simplicity that its effectiveness is found. Made of a hardened plastic, it sits solidly within my athletic shoe and is secured along the top at the base of my calf with a large band of Velcro.

Forward movement is permitted to allow for continued though isolated movement rather than completely isolating my heel as with a cast. My tendon would heal just as well in a cast – but the associated muscles would atrophy and I’d be in worse shape than before I’d even heard of Project Purpose.

The challenge now is finding work wear that coordinates with athletic shoes – since those are the only ones that the brace fits in. When everyone about you is wearing dresses and slacks, it’s hard to be the sole individual sporting jeans.

I am though very happy with the progress that I’ve made and I look forward to being able to cast Brace aside sometime in the near future.

I’m hoping the rest of me can keep up with all of it.

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