Friday Morning, 4am

As has become habit when my daughter was born, I woke this morning at 4am. Typically when this happens it takes only a few minutes of reading and I’ll be tired once again and ready to sleep for a few more hours.

This morning though, sleep is not forthcoming. Project Purpose is officially underway, and so many thoughts are racing through my head. Am I going to make it? Have I set realistic goals for myself? How am I going to fit this into my already busy schedule once CSU starts and I’m back at work with a longer and more demanding day? So many questions and only time will provide the answers.

I met with my trainer Michelle yesterday for the first time. I was so nervous! I’ve never had a trainer so I didn’t know what to expect – but I’ve heard friends talk about one’s they’ve had and all I wanted was to make it through the session alive. And I did. (Yay!)

Granted, after warming up on AMT machine that I’d not used before, I nearly fell over when I got off of it my legs were so weak.

After 30 minutes of tossing and turning without the benefit of sleep, I finally decided to get up and start my day. The strength training I did under Michelle’s guidance yesterday is catching up with me and getting out of bed was a challenge – my muscles protesting yesterday’s demands.

In spite of an early morning, a half-caff cuppa coffee (this is a new change for me – usually it’s a full caffeinated beverage and plenty of it!), and a long day filled with activities, writing and work, I’ve made it through the day without the fatigue I’ve come to expect. Already I’ve started seeing the benefits of exercise and better eating – and we are only a couple of weeks into the six-months that Project Purpose runs.

It’s a gift to have this opportunity and I’m thankful for every moment that I am able to participate in it.

The ‘Mommy Years’ have been a challenge to leave behind – but with the support Karl, our kids, friends, and the Project Purpose team – House of Chaos will realistically remain an organized chaos, but with greater opportunities for fun and enjoyment of a full and active life.

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