Hard at work, Constantly Moving

BW is off at Cub Scout camp, and now that he is a WeBeLo, will spend an extra day in the mountains using the time to visit the Boy Scout Camp as an introduction to the events and activities that are available once the Cubs have ‘bridged’ into Boys.

At first I was gleeful at the lack of bickering that would occur between he and JB, but after last evening and this morning, I’ve come to the realization that I now have Dot’s attention – ALL to myself. Level one of Dante’s Inferno ~ Check!

She’s been requesting for the last several months that I change her nickname, JB. Originally intended as JuneBug, she and others her age identify it as Justin Beiber. While many fawn over this ‘superstar singer’ JB CANNOT stand him.

BW has taken to teasing her for her initials, and to eliminate this as a ‘tool’ in his arsenal of taunting I’ve been attempting to honor Dot’s wishes.

But nicknames aren’t easy to whip up, and I’ve been toying with names for the last several weeks. Today, her high spun level of interaction and activity made it obvious what her nickname should be.

She is always moving, working, creating and singing when she’s not talking.  She is a breath in talk out kind of girl and I am in love with her. Graceful, witty, clever, intelligent and creative, she has an unmatched ability to make us all laugh when situations become too tense or serious.

This morning, with BW at camp, and Dot focusing her attentions on the only other person at home with her, me, her new nickname came in a literal flash. BB. As in Bumble Bee.  Always hard at work and constantly moving.

She is beyond happy with the name, and she’s excited that I share her new name with the world.

Here you go BabyGirl. Loves you!

* Update: BW Threw a FIT about Dot’s nickname – that’s the name of his beloved pillowpet. So, with the promise of not teasing JB for her name, she’s decided to stick with JB.

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