Lego’s Along the Way

It’s been an odd summer, as far as Lego’s go, and it’s led to a new series; Lego’s Along the Way.

I know they’ve always found their way into odd places, but this summer it has become especially noticeable. They’ve been found not only on the floor where they are a mighty good low-cost security system when paired with bare feet, but on his bed, in his bed, under his bed and between the mattress and box-spring of his bed.

As a family we’ve tripped over them in the living room, had BW’s tiny brick creations join us for dinner and for journeys in the car – both long and short. Batman’s cape flew out the window one especially breezy day, and BW has still not recovered from that experience.

I’ve found them in the bathtub after Sunday night baths, in the laundry on Tuesdays and in the backyard when Charles mowed the overly tall grass after we returned from South Dakota.

As part of the summer’s score, organization is in progress. Once a year any and all attempts are made to put the little pieces of life together.

Crayons are sorted and put away, markers that no longer have the juice to go on are tossed and all the various game pieces are reunited, if even for one moment. Those teeny tiny barbie shoes are once again relegated to the ‘Barbie Bin’. And the Lego’s are gathered from Hill and Dale and rounded up for one big party.

Now that BW is older, and has begun building more intricate pieces and is having regular play dates and Lego Parties in his room we realized that it was time to say goodbye to the ‘Thomas the Train’ table that held his Lego’s for so many years. He needed something that was more abstract, accommodating and portable for when the Lego Party grew too large.

In an effort to implement this need, Charles took the minions out to fish while I stayed at home and sorted through all of those little plastic parts. It was an education.

I found crayons amongst the piles, perhaps to document designs and ideas….

Rocks and sticks joined in on the fun – perhaps as reminders of what the outdoors and nature looked like…

And lots and lots and lots of Nerf foam bullets were nestled amongst the fray… just in case someone should happen along that was deemed a threat… (JB perhaps with her friend Lottie in tow?)

As for the baby bottle, that might just be a hold-over from a play date with Miss JB, though she denies ever having gone into BW’s room because “Ewww! Mama! It smells like boy in there!”

Charles says that I’m fighting entropy, and soon enough, the boys room began to take on the state of it’s natural order…

The challenge now is not for the boy to keep his room together for ‘Vacuum Ready Wednesdays’, it’s to discover all of the locations upon which these little plastic bits have traveled during their time in the Olson household. I’m not sure if I’m excited or exhausted of what we’ll find along the way.

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