Field Day

School is coming to a close and one of the annual traditions is ‘Field Day’. The morning is spent with each of the classes participating in various competitions and field related sports. The event is capped off with a typical school lunch styled barbecue and families are invited to attend and join in on the celebration. It’s a great time for everyone to catch up and share details about plans for the summer ahead.

This year though, the weather was not cooperative and when the time arrived for lunch, the temperature dropped, winds picked up and so lunch was held in the cafeteria/gym.

Normally each child sits with their own class at a series of tables and as the class finishes as a whole, the kids are dismissed back to their classes. This time however, families and kids of the entire school mingled giving everyone the unusual opportunity to interact with each other.

BW joined us as we sat with JB’s class for lunch and as the meal came to an end, he stated clearly and in a voice that could be heard above the chaos “JB – I see why you hate your class. They have NO manners!”

Sadly, those little tables don’t easily allow for a parent to slowly slide underneath them in embarrassment.

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