Overheard conversation while driving to the Post Office.

JB: Mama, what’s the difference between boy’s and girls?
Mama: You know the difference, I’m not going over it again, right now.
BW: It’s their necks, JB.
JB: What?! (mama, silently echoing the sentiment)
BW: When babies are born, they are little and tight like a ball. You don’t want to disturb them, so you look at their necks. That’s how you tell if it’s a boy or girl.
JB: Their necks? So if it’s blue it’s a boy and pink if it’s a girl?
BW: Exactly. Then when they are bigger, and you can stretch them out, you can look and see if they have a penis or a va-jara. But until everything is grown up, you have to rely on their necks. Boys have a penis, girls have a va-jara.
Seriously. You can not make this up.

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