The f’n Flower Spoon

At the moment my 5 and 6 year old are arguing about who gets the ‘Flower Spoon’.


Let me explain.

17 years ago when Charles and I got married, one of our gifts was a set of everyday tableware. Meant to be a touch classier than the usual, it included a jam spoon, which was distinguishable from the standard spoon by the scallop of the bowl itself.

For years, it laid neglected, unused and in a somewhat pristine state in the silverware drawer. In the ‘junk’ slot. Then, one day. BW found it. Wondered aloud ‘What is that cool spoon?’ which of course drew the attention of his sister.

Since that day, 3 years ago, the spoon has been fought over at nearly every snack, meal or occasion that features food. Which, of course, is nearly every moment of every day.

I never knew I left working in a highly competitive field to open a buffet.

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